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Travis’ Standel amp can usually be seen at the Vintage Guitar booth during L. And when VG interviewed Crooks in 1994, it marked the first time he had been interviewed by a guitar-oriented publication. Standel had switched to solidstate circuitry in the ’60s, and quality control problems caused by poorly-manufactured power transistors forced Crooks to sell the company to CMI, of Chicago.

A.-area guitar shows cosponsored by VG; displayed courtesy of its current owner, veteran California luthier R. Quite improbable, considering the innovations the early Standel amplifiers featured, including: 1. He designed the SG series amplifiers for that company, and had a subsequent affiliation with the Barcus-Berry company, of Long Beach.

Separate bass and treble controls (instead of one tone control). Ultimately, that company was purchased by industry veteran John Mc Laren and associates, and is now known as BBE Sound Corporation.

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I'd just bought a VVT Lindy Fralin amp when I discovered the Cascade, so never got any further.

The Standel 25L15 'legend/myth' is almost as big as the Dumble or Trainwreck ones on the internet.

I tried the only 25L15 I've ever seen in the UK about 15 years ago, which was made by the relaunched company. A bit too strong for my blood at £4000 ish back then.

Danny Mc Kinney was the man behind the relaunch of Standel, and a range of amps did get produced.

I’m experimenting with some new Standel amplifiers.” Since then, the reputation of point-to-point hand-wired boutique amplifiers has grown among guitarists seeking classic tones, and for all of his advocacy of solidstate technology, Crooks was also fully aware of the legendary sound of his ’50s tube amplifiers.

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