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You can see without a doubt that the movements themselves are in fact curved.This is a fun fact because there are other watches which appear curved but have standard "flat" movements cleverly inserted into the cases.Above the dials is a curved sapphire crystal.), in steel and titanium respectively, and the most modern-looking of the Bulova CURV collection.

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Dating bulova movements

Before talking about the larger CURV watch family, I want to discuss the movements a bit more.

These are all Bulova's high-frequency quartz movements which operate at 262k Hz for accuracy above and beyond "standard" quartz movements.

Before the quartz era, Bulova had a reputation like no other.

Obsessed with precision, Bulova went above and beyond; they built their own observatories to determine universal time and developed the concept of interchangeable parts to watchmaking.

These traditionally masculine yet somewhat formal Bulova CURV watches in the 45mm-wide (9.7mm-thick) case are the reference 97A124 ( The smaller version of the Bulova CURV isn't really small, but it has a different case design.