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If you wanted to insult someone 300 years ago, the best way was to call them a 'wattle-head', or a 'shallow-pate'.

Determining property boundaries, land area, elevations, and locations of features on the surface of the land by calculations based on the instrumental measurements of angles and distances or by use of global positional satellites.

Gathering information through periodic or continuous measurement in the field to provide a view of current conditions.

(1697): This phrase was also rendered as 'bite the ground' and 'bite the sand' when it was first used by writers such as Dryden and Pope.

It is based on the image of a soldier falling to the ground during battle.

Method of determining the shape and constituency of near-surface earth structures by variations of responses of the materials to electrical and magnetic fields. Geophysical technique to study the subsurface of the earth using sound waves induced by explosives, vibrating devices, or percussive equipment.

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