Jennifer aniston who is she dating

Which I think [my wife] has done very elegantly and pretty effortlessly….

I think I came into our relationship the same person as I am now.

After Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's 2005 split, the former Friends actress became one of the most famous, loved, and worried-about female celebrities of our time.

The Hollywood duo were wed between 20 before splitting – with 53-year-old Brad embarking on a romance with now soon-to-be ex-wife number two Angelina Jolie, 41.

The breakdown of Brad and 48-year-old Jennifer's marriage caused headlines around the world as they were still wed when Brad first met Angelina while filming their 2005 action film Mr & Mrs Smith.

Porter's and basically told the world why he's in love with Jennifer Aniston (lol, like we need a reason).

It's definitely something you have to analyze and come to terms with.

While Jen has made headlines for her past relationships, she has also served as an inspiration for women and will forever be one of the shining examples of resiliency after a bad breakup.

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