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Despite all of this, I have only ever had one 5-month relationship when I was 16. I’ve found it very very difficult to get dates at a regular frequency, so in that time I’ve been on only 20 dates.

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Now, instead of letting him wiggle out of it with another non-answer, nail him down and get an answer to the following $64,000 question: “Why don’t you initiate divorce proceedings and get legal shared custody of the kids? ” You may learn that he’s financially dependent upon her.

You may learn that he still hopes to get back together one day.

Or you may just realize that he’s a doormat – a man who is willing to pay the bills for his cheating ex-wife and play entirely on her terms.

No matter what you learn, Caitlin, at least you’ll get some clarity moving forward.

There are a multitude of signals and signs that dictate who we are and aren’t attracted to – many of which we aren’t consciously aware of.