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Transportation to and from the island is provided by ferry service on the Alaska Marine Highway as well as local commercial airlines. He was followed by the British captain James Cook fifteen years later, who first recorded "Kodiak" in his journals in 1778.

In 1792, the Russian Shelikhov-Golikov Company chief manager Alexander Baranov moved the post at Three Saints Bay (established in 1784) to a new site in Paul's Harbor ( A warehouse was built in what became one of the key posts of the Shelikhov-Golikov Company, a precursor of the Russian-American Company and a center for harvesting the area's vast population of sea otters for their prized pelts. Because the First Native cultures revered this animal and would never harm it, the Russians had wars with and enslaved the Aleuts during this era.

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The city has four public elementary schools, a middle and high school, as well as a branch of the University of Alaska.

An antenna farm at the summit of Pillar Mountain above the city historically provided communication with the outside world before fiber optic cable was run.

A stranger broke into a flat to save a seven-year-old boy who was being mauled by a pitbull.

Jack Wellstead was today said to be 'lucky to be alive' after he was dragged unconscious and covered in blood from the home by Lawal Alhadi.

It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.'Jack is now set to go home after a series of operations at The Royal London Hospital.