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So yes, no matter how twisted or x-rated it is, we did have a routine, just like any other family. I responded by grinding on Chris’ cock, each movement form my hips bringing another wave of ecstasy, capped off by the feeling of my own daughter’s fingers pumping in my ass! ” she moaned, pulling out to make room for her probing tongue. ” Chris panted, grabbing his sister’s arm and dragging her upwards.

And to be quite honest, I bet I spend more time with my kids, enjoying an activity together, than any other mother on the block could claim! The thought made me giggle though, realizing how more and more I was acting their age and less like a mother. I could feel two of her tiny, soft digits pushing against my sphincter, puncturing the surface of my butthole and reaching inside! I could feel her sharpen the muscle, tightening it so it could plunge deeper into my asshole, tickling my anal cavity! I sat up, dropping my body weight again and again on Chris’ cock, focusing in on the sloppy, wet kiss behind me. Just sit on my stomach- uh-huh” he said, pulling his sister on top of him. ” My boyfriend was gripping her like a body pillow, keeping her hips and ass completely still, allowing him to drive his cock completely into her, full force.

For a few seconds I lazily let it adjust, noticing just the faintest hint of light shining through the drapes, indicating that it was early morning. ” I moaned, both from the taste of my daughter’s sex juices as well as my son’s words, knowing what was coming.

“Mmm” Chris groaned, shifting in his sleep, turning to his side. After playing with his sister’s ass just a few minutes ago, I had little doubt he was going to be interested in using me mine as a proxy! See your brother’s cock pump inside mommy’s tight little asshole?! ” she exclaimed, rubbing my cheeks like a magic lamp!

His cock was expectedly limp, having through another night of fucking me and Jessie silly. ” he challenged, Jessie moaned loudly, swearing up a storm, her arms going completely limp to the side. He’s never said no to me, or his sister, happy to provide his services whenever we felt that familiar itching between our legs. Most other women my age are drastically thinking of ways to spice up their sex life, get used to their middle aged husband, coming to terms with the lack of stamina or inner office body that comes with age. At least with Chris breaking first, it won’t look so bad when I do the same later! I mean, between Chris’ cock and Jessie’s tongue in my ass…I…I think I’d rather have the tongue right now?!

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    At the same time he started touching her shoulders and tried to hug her.