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Bidh mo chridhe leum le mirn, S mor mo shunnd is chan airsneul, Chan eil coimeas tir mo ruin Ann an dthaich eil air thalamh.

Nell Shaw Chrous I shall sail across the Sound, I shall sail across the ferry, To my native Isle Im bound, Braving wind and wave and skerry.

One of the princes, Angus, claimed as part of his realm a wild rocky island a few miles off the coast.

The island, 30 miles long and eight miles wide, was constricted at the center by a narrow isthmus, and had three mountains on the southwest portion.

Chi mi m bta fo a siuil A tighinn dluth do na chala, Chi mi mathair aig an stiir, Cha bhi curam orm bhon chasshruth.