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82.4% of the sufferers reported noticeable improvement, with no adverse side-effects.

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And this guide will introduce those ingredients to you, one-by-one, so you can finally begin your quest to start cumming loads.

This guide will introduce you to 10 naturally-occurring ingredients that have been proven to increase sperm count and motility in human males. Know their names, know what they are, and know what they do. Butea Superba is a shrub that’s most commonly found in deciduous forests in Thailand, but is also native to Vietnam and India.

Secondly, according to a global study by the World Health Organization, the volume of semen the average guy shoots is around 3.7ml – or about three-quarters of a teaspoon – which is hardly a .

You could shoot anywhere between 2-6ml of cum every time you orgasm, and you’d still be “normal”.

And no – you don’t need to be a pornstar, or to have lots of practice, or to sleep with lots of women to learn the secrets on how to shoot a huge load. If you’ve tried searching the Internet to get tips on increasing your sperm count, then you’ve probably come across shady articles that suggested: Now, some of the advice out there is actually sound. Because at a glance, it’s easy to think that if you wanted to start cumming more, you’ll need to divide your efforts into: Why?