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Devin Funchess had seven catches last Sunday in Foxborough.

Two of them went for touchdowns against a Patriots defense that, last year at least, surrendered the fewest points in the NFL.

Matched up against Butler, the former Super Bowl hero, Funchess again got open by stemming his route.

At the line of scrimmage, the Panthers set up what looked like a power play with the left guard pulling, but after the play-action fake Newton looked downfield.

Running up the seam, Funchess had taken that hard plant to the outside, getting Butler to hesitate just enough so he had space as he worked back into the void in the middle of the field.

The throw was slightly behind Funchess, but he made a nice adjustment to pull down the ball before Butler got there, and crossed the goal line for a 16-yard score. And that’s all she was asking Newton to do: Answer a question about football.

When he began his reply, it was clear he thought Rodrigue was out of her element for simply doing her job.