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inclusive and warm' and 'probably tried too hard'.'They wanted to say to the nation "this is an event which you're all sharing and we're going to share it with you by giving you all kinds of angles and all kinds of events and all kinds of commentators, which will in some way be inclusive".'The BBC’s Diamond Jubilee Concert peaked at 17m, making it the most watched programme of the year across all channels and Tuesday’s carriage procession was seen by a peak of 7.4m.

Across all the hours of broadcasting we received lots of positive feedback and 2,425 complaints.'The pair then went on to discuss a number of bizarre items of jubilee memorabilia, including jelly moulds shaped like the Queen’s face; a high-visibility vest bearing the words ‘High Viz, Diamond Liz’; and, finally, a sick-bag bearing an image of the Queen.

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