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******************************************************************************* SHADOW HEARTS II: COVENANT ******************************************************************************* Guide by: Sicondera [email protected] Version: 0.73 Added Nihonbashi thru Forest of the Wind. Added a tiny, horribly incomplete section for Sarah's Challenge all the way at the bottom. I let slip quite a bit about the game's story line and what happens when. That concludes your business in Mon Martre for the moment, so back down the stairs and to the subway.

I'd mistakenly put Halphas in the treasure chest in the Petrograd Great Square, when it should really be Furcas in there. Put Lottery Member #8 where he should be, in Warship Mikasa. I've got all the Crests down, so now I'm starting on Fusions, Towns and Items, thanks to Evan! On some of the more confusing maps, I've done my best to establish some landmarks, but if there are any parts that are unclear or hard to follow, let me know. SPOILERS, SPOILERS and a whole bunch more SPOILERS!!! Gauchet, who designed the entire layout of the tunnels.

Using them and the occasional spell about does it for my strategies. Tetsu sufficiently reprimanded, head back into the subway and ride the train to--- Nobody amusing to talk to right now, so go down the stairs and check the boxes in the bottom left corner for a Faerie's Sigh.

However, what I will tell you is what the Boss will try to use on you, and what you get for winning. Use the save point, should you need it and duck into the Junk Land Item Shop.

^.^ Previous Versions: 0.68 - To all my loyal fans out there waiting, sorry!! Legal Stuff: Shadow Hearts: Covenant (hereafter "SH2") isn't mine. Go over to the lift and this time ride it all the way to the top.