Dating wooden sewing thread spools

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Before mass media as we know it today, manufacturers realized the importance of reaching the rural customer by what we call “point of sale” merchandising.

Today most of us call this post Civil War, late 1800s merchandising “Country Store Advertising”, and spool cabinets are among the most sought-after objects from this vast field of collecting. Coats, Eureka, Belding, Corticelli, Brainerd & Armstrong, Willimantic, Merrick & Chadwick are among the most widely-known American manufacturers who realized the importance of capturing their customers’ attention at the neighborhood level.

I made sure to paint the inside a light and dark green with brown on the top.

Then, I used the lightest green I had and painted the center spot and added my brown seeds to the center. After I finished painting my fruit, I was ready to let the kids have some fun with them.

During the mid-to-late Victorian period and well into the 20th Century, the average rural and city homemaker depended on her nearby dry goods or general store for her household necessities and sewing notions were undoubtedly high on her list since she was responsible for creating her family’s clothing. This is a round Merrick's spool cabinet with an 1897 patent.