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[Read: The woman’s guide for dirty talking to a guy] [Read: The man’s guide on how to talk dirty to her without turning her off] #10 Sexting is fun.

Technology has overtaken the world and one way of harnessing its power is by sexting.

Perhaps it’s because they’re so responsible that their lives have settled into a comfortable yet somehow dull routine. Far from it, all four are reportedly happy with their partners.

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Make a whole production out of it, and play around with mood lighting, props, and music. One thing to remember is to be careful about where and how you store this video. All you women out there, invest in glorious lingerie and take things up a notch by donning a pair of sexy stilettos. Sure, sex may be all about doing the deed, but don’t underestimate the power of dirty talk.

Unless you want to be the next big porn duo, be sure to keep this file far away from prying eyes. Having great sex is not always about being naked together. Your man won’t be able to take his eyes or hands off you. You’re wrong if you think it’s just for losers in long distance relationships.

Jake and Melissa, on the other hand, make a habit of making love in the mornings on “non-gym days.” As practical as it is to have a sex schedule, there’s no doubt that it’s a horrible way of addressing one of the most basic and primal instincts that we have.

Spice it up by doing it whenever you feel like it, not whenever your schedule permits it. As a continuation of the point I made above, indulge in quickies any chance you can get. Ice, honey and whipped cream are great sex tools, and if you’re a chocolate-lover, bust out that jar of Nutella for a rocking good time.

Jake and Melissa have been married for 15 years and counting. The only difference between both couples is that the latter have 3 kids, whereas the former have a cat and a teacup pig.