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The OCP Office of the Ombudsman was established in October 2017 to support contractors and subcontractors, operating under a valid District contract, to communicate their complaints, concerns and suggestions related to OCP's contracting and procurement matters.

The OCP in the Wards Series is a part of the DC Office of Contracting Procurement’s ongoing efforts to engage the business community in the contracting process from the concept of need through award of a contract.

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The FAR is issued and maintained by the Department of Defense, the General Services Administration, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. federal government agencies, government prime contractors, and subcontractors.

This CCH volume reproduces the FAR and all amendments to the regulations issued prior to this January 1, 2012 edition, along with an easy-to-use topical index. government contract management, project management, government contract cost accounting, and government contract law, have worked together to develop this unique book. Government Contracts Audits and Compliance A comprehensive guide to planning and implementing government contract audits and compliance activities.

This convenient bound edition includes all Department of Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) updates including all Procedure Guidance Information (PGI) Change Notices issued prior to this January 1, 2012 edition, along with a CCH index covering the DFARS through that date and is intended for use in combination with the CCH 2012 edition of the FAR. Cost Accounting Standards Board Regulations as of January 1, 2011 (CASB) Provides the cost accounting rules that are mandatory for all executive agencies, contractors, and subcontractors to use in estimating, accumulating, and reporting costs in connection with negotiated contracts exceeding $650,000. General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (2010) Consolidates the General Services Administration (GSA) agency acquisition rules and guidance. Federal Government Contracts A practical and informative guide for U. small businesses and emerging government contractors who need to quickly understand the unique and complex world of U. If you plan to use or are using government T&M contracts, then this book is a must read! Government Contract Cost Accounting A comprehensive guide to planning and implementing government contract cost accounting, required with U.

This 2010 edition of the GSAM contains all of the changes made over the past year More Info...

Subcontracting doesn't need to be difficult but if you want to know more about subcontracting and other important tender response information we recommend you attend the How-to-Tender workshops.