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Lucy Stone; Clara Berwick Colby, editor of the Woman's Tribune in Beatrice, Nebraska, in 1883; Rev.

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This convention was duly announced to be held in Association Hall, Toronto, June 12-13, 1890. Isabella Hooker, (sister of Henry Ward Beecher), and Mrs. were the first to espouse equal suffrage in Manitoba, they having twice brought largely signed petitions before the Provincial Legislature.

Delegates were received from the various Suffrage Clubs then existing. Mc Lellan Brown, lawyer, and president of a Cincinnati college. As early as 1872, the statutes in British Columbia were constructed in such a shape as to give married women a vote in municipal matters. In the Maritime Provinces, Edith Archibald was president of the Maritime W.

The first piece of work undertaken by the Association was the securing of the municipal franchise for the women of Ontario. In Toronto, January 4, 1886, the women polled a large vote, resulting in the election of the candidate pledged to reform. As a consequence of the persistence of Stowe and her daughter, other women became aware of the possibilities in the medical profession, and so numerous were the applications for admission that it was deemed expedient to open a Woman's Medical College in Toronto. After the labor involved in securing the municipal suffrage in 1883, and later, in struggling for the opening of the Woman's Medical College, there was a lull until 1889, when Stowe made arrangements to bring Dr. Stowe sent out 4,000 invitations, to every member of Parliament, council, school Board and ministerial association, inviting each member to be present to hear about the Woman Question. Anthony was secured to lecture in the Woman's Medical College auditorium.