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Above all, I get the feeling Microsoft doesn’t know what they want to do in the console world, and might have just a tinge of regret over getting into this costly game 15 years ago.

I doubt that it'll do world-beating numbers, but getting Bloodborne as a PS4 exclusive is actually a pretty big coup for Sony.

Unfortunately, Bloodborne likely won't be out for a while, and the same could be said for the other games I'm anticipating this generation.

If you don’t mind playing things that aren’t always brand-new, it’s an incredible value.

In addition, the early success of the Play Station 4 indicates Sony learned a lot from the disastrous early years of the PS3, and what I’ve seen so far feels extremely promising. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: I don’t know much about this game, and I’m going to keep it that way until I play it. Additional features that attracted me: I don’t typically use consoles for more than their primary duties, so I can’t say the extra features on the PS4 speak to me.

Why I didn't choose its competitors: During the last console generation, I started with an Xbox 360 but pretty much abandoned it entirely once I picked up a Play Station 3.