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I think that’s why there’s a wide range of messaging that’s happening.

Sometimes you swing and you miss, but I don’t want to be the kind of artist who’s afraid to take the risk. “Hercules” expresses a simultaneous desire to reclaim who you used to be but find who you haven’t been yet. It seems like you felt you'd reached a turning point. I’m 33, and I think something that happens in your 30s -- you start looking at your life in a timeline -- that maybe you weren’t conscious or aware enough to do at a younger age.

I hate to say that anything morbid sneaks in, but there is an awareness at this age that I don’t remember feeling in my 20s.

While there’s bound to be a bit of audience overlap, is part of the idea to pick up new fans from each other’s followings? We’ve done a handful of shows in the past and gotten along really well, so it’s really enticing when you can end up on a tour with your friends. I don’t think it’s a total no-brainer that our audiences will be super-familiar with each other’s repertoire, but I think there’s a really high likelihood that people will be excited about the other band. Some people had brought that up to me for years, and I always was like, absolutely not, I could never do it.

PHOTOS: The Best of Bonnaroo 2013 THR: You just wrapped up your first solo tour. Then over the past year, as I’ve done a lot of personal work on facing my fears and making some pretty big life changes, it came to the forefront that that was going be something that I really needed to address and put my money where my mouth is, especially in terms of a song like “Brave” and that being my messaging that’s out right now. And it was such a transformative experience for me.

So collaborating with him on this song, that was the intention behind how the song was conceived.