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female's genital in slang term) and at the end of coitus she whispers 'demo' to him.

Gandu and the hooker have very erotic sex, which has been very boldly shown.

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Gandu's mother(Kamalika Banerjee) seemingly supports the family through the magnanimity of her 'lover' Dasbabu (an unvoiced character who appears frequently) Gandu's mother and Dasbabu (Silajit Majumder) are shown having graphic sex a number of times.

Gandu himself is shown repeatedly sneaking into the room of the copulating couple to steal money from Dasbabu's wallet.

He is late in responding and she slaps him angrily and walks away.

Gandu urges Rickshaw to 'take him away' Ricksha and Gandu then go off to consume Dhatura seeds which causes them both to go on a strange and extremely intense trip.

When they come to their senses they find they have no money.