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The figure wears a gas mask implying the gray waves, the instrument of death in this case, is a biological weapon.

At a glance, AU AG would logically be the symbols for gold and silver.

All the murals, when viewed in sequence, depict a massive genocide followed by the formation of a now less-populated, harmonious new world.

Located 25 miles from Denver on a plot of land encompassing 53 square miles (twice the size of Manhattan), sits one of the most curious airpots in the world, The Denver International Airport.

Visitors to the Denver Airport will immediately notice a number of mysterious masonic symbols and murals clearly depicting the end of the word. Many believe these murals hold a deeper meaning which can be gleaned by the initiated of the New World Order and Freemasons. , by New Mexico artist Luis Jiménez, was one of the earliest public art commissions for Denver International Airport in 1993.

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    With the availability of accelerators like Lawrence's cyclotron or Cockroft and Walton's machine, it became possible to produce radioisotopes by bombarding elements with a beam of accelerated ions like protons, deuterons or alpha particles (helium ions).

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    Click on the Tuck Shop Chit Chat panel at the top of the home page. Please update your profile pages and add some photos to them. Roy was still at DHS and Colin had retired years ago. If you know how to contact the following people, please ask them to update their e-mail addresses, or clean out their in-boxes. See new Chit Chat on Allan Wilkinson (posted by Chris Thorpe) and Allan's dad, Maurice, woodwork teacher at Prep for 57 years, obtained from Allan by Ed Granger.