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Although a day of celebration, the gathering was also an emotional occasion, as the idea to register the siblings for the record was that of the family's youngest sibling, Austin Donnelly, who sadly died in 2015.

Sean (93), Maureen (92), Eileen (90), Peter (87), Mairead (86), Rose (85), Tony (83), Terry (81), Seamus (80), Brian (76), Kathleen (75), Colm (73) and Leo (72) pictured at their Guinness World record celebration.

*Fear: What if my other adult children leave me too? A journal of good thoughts written down at the end of each day is a healthy habit, and a formal record is fun to re-read later. Here are a few suggestions: Instead of joining everyone in the lunch break room each day, take a short stroll outdoors instead, or perhaps before you join the others.

The benefits of nature to the psyche are well-documented. If getting outdoors isn’t an option, you can still focus your thoughts in a positive direction.

The siblings are the children of Peter and Ellen Donnelly, who welcomed 16 children throughout their marriage.