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Both boxes should remain checked in order to automatically receive these addresses, unless you are an advanced user with reason to change the default MAC or IPv6 address and an understanding of how to input an appropriate replacement address.

If the wireless interface does not automatically associate with a wireless network, the wireless profile containing the security settings required by the network will need to be configured.

If you right-click the wireless icon, a list of detected wireless networks displays. The right-click menu also provides options to configure the wireless device, start the Network Manager, restart the network (useful to renew your DHCP address), route the network connection through Tor (to browse the Internet anonymously as described in .

It can also be used to set the default application for specific file types.

Screenshot: A very simple utility to take screenshots of the desktop, single windows, or designated areas of a screen. Search: Find and launch applications or quickly search for files and directories.

Manages attached monitors, allowing the user to add, alter the position, and configure screens.

to see an indication if the interface is associated and more information regarding the IP address, IPv6 address, SSID, connection strength, connection speed, MAC address, and type of wireless device.

Interface Configuration: Customize widgets for the Desktop, the appearance and options in the right-click Menu, and appearance, number, and options for any system panels.