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This could be a condition called colovaginal fistula which occurs when the piece of skin between your colon and vagina tears.

But it is quite another if prosecutors and the judiciary agree - that is a failure of the state,” said Christoph S.'s lawyer at the appeal hearing on Tuesday.

The appeals judge agreed with the defendant, throwing the case out within a matter of minutes.

If it's causing us pain or we are poorly then we don't keep it in, but we generally don't make a habit out of it.

just because he did, and was quite gross about it too. My ex before him, who I still believe was the love of my life, I didn't .. We don't really do big obvious burps either, again we don't find it that pleasant.

Dropping a five-pound toilet baby into her date's poor old toilet does not exactly convey the sort of delicate politeness chicks are expected to maintain ...