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Also attracting tourists here are the Sheesh Mahal, (the Palace of Mirrors), Dinman Hardul’s palace, reflect the rich architecture of the place.Though Orchha is not known to have any local specialty, it is a perfect place to pick up some wonderful souvenirs!

Another must visit of Orchha is its 14 chhatris or marvelous memorials for its rulers, situated the banks of the River Betwa.

Supported by pillars and placed on an elevated platform, what adds to its beauty is the full reflection one gets of these magnificent monuments on its river waters.

From the exquisite crafts of Bastar to Dokra metal crafts or other artifacts made of wrought iron, one can find some spectacular showpieces here.

One of India’s most interesting destinations, this medieval city known for its temples palaces and forts, is today gaining popularity with those touring Madhya Pradesh. While the nearest airport from Orchha is Khajuraho, and nearest railhead is in Jhansi, this city is connected by road to almost all major cities across Madhya Pradesh.

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