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Note In the Performing Batch Updates tutorial we created a batch editing interface using the Data List control.

This tutorial differs from the previous one in that is uses a Grid View and the batch update is performed within the scope of a transaction.

After completing this tutorial I encourage you to return to the earlier tutorial and update it to use the database transaction-related functionality added in the preceding tutorial.

Database transactions guarantee that a series of data modification statements will be treated as one atomic operation, which ensures that all modifications will fail or all will succeed.

With this low-level DAL functionality out of the way, we re ready to turn our attention to creating batch data modification interfaces.

Next, select each field and click the Convert this field into a Template Field link.

Figure 5: Convert the Existing Bound Fields and Check Box Field Into Template Field Now that each field is a Template Field, we re ready to move the editing interface from the Note The Customizing the Data Modification Interface tutorial contains a more thorough and complete discussion on customizing a template to include a Drop Down List as opposed to a Text Box.

Remove all but the properties of the first three fields to Product, Category, and Price, respectively.