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When I saw this in the theater originally, I loved the soundtrack, as it fit the storyline so well.The 80s songs featured are so cheesy and they fit the stalker theme.Whilst at uni studying law Rachel buckled down with her study but she also met Dex, a charming guy who, since the first time she met him, has has a 'thing' for.

This film is so obviously low budget, but the actors involved made the story interesting, and I got so wrapped up in the story that I didn't care about the "little things." The DVD is well made, with an entertaining commentary track and an interesting "making of" featurette.

Nancy Pimental , Steve Howey - Mayweather VS Berto Pre Fight Party Arrivals at MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas Presented By Showtime at MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Saturday 12th September 2015Shanola Hampton, Steve Howey , Sarah Shahi - CBS, CW And Showtime 2015 Summer TCA Party at Pacific Design Center - Arrivals at Pacific Design Center - West Hollywood, California, United States - Tuesday 11th August 2015Steve Howey , Sarah Shahi - Celebrities attend the CBS, The CW, and Showtime 2015 Summer TCA Party at Pacific Design Center.

Continue: Something Borrowed Trailer The biggest problem with the Internet Movie Database is that whatever person reviews a film first gets his review displayed first on the site.

Take a look at some of your favorite films and you're bound to be confronted with a review by some shmuck who thinks the picture stinks.

In San Francisco, Zoe is a shy and outcast in her working place that adores the love songs she listens to the radio.